Friday, 12 February 2010

Official Vehicle Distance Tracking Sheets!

Dave Graffam has been at it again! This time he's produced official Atomic Highway seven-zone vehicle distance tracking mats along with bonus miniature-scaled battlemats of the same roads, both gridded and ungridded! He'll be producing assorted vehicle tokens soon to make tracking vehicle distance in AH even cooler, as well as more miniatures and terrain pieces for the minis users among us.

This game accessory features a heavily-weathered stretch of highway divided into 7 zones, which is just what you need to keep track of vehicle positions during chases in this awesome RPG. Two overhead views are provided in this packet, giving you a choice of a "straight overhead" look or a slight angled "perspective" view.

As a bonus, you get a 28mm-30mm battle mat of this scene!

The battle mat measures 16" x 20", which you can easily assemble from 4 sheets of standard-sized pages. An optional 1" gridded version of this battle mat is included.

CONTENTS: 2 full-color vehicle distance tracker sheets, and 2 full-color battle mats (plain or gridded). Each file in this set is in high-quality 300dpi resolution.

Grab 'em cheap HERE!

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