Sunday, 21 February 2010


The first print run can now be grabbed via Indie Press Revolution HERE, for immediate shipping if the date of 2-19-10 is anything to go by! There are only 100 copies in this run, so grab 'em while you can!


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

R.A.D. and Cubicle 7 Team Up!

Although the first very short run of AH is due to hit stores soon, the success of AH has necessitated more, so...

Cubicle 7 – Radioactive Ape Designs Publishing Partnership Announced

Cubicle 7 Entertainment and Radioactive Ape Designs are pleased to announce they have formed a publishing partnership.

The partnership sees Radioactive Ape’s Best Selling post apocalyptic PDF “Atomic Highway” appear in print format through distributors and stores this coming June.

“I’ve been a fan of Colin’s work for many years, during his time freelancing across the industry, so when he started producing his own works I took notice. Also, as a fan of dark future fiction and games, Atomic Highway immediately hit all the right buttons on my radar”, said Angus Abranson of Cubicle 7, “The fact that the game has gone on to be a best seller in the PDF market and has received glowing reviews only cemented my desire to team up with him and help bring the game to a wider audience.”

“The success of Atomic Highway really caught me by surprise.” added Colin Chapman, Director of Radioactive Ape Design. “It quickly became clear that Atomic Highway needed real publishing power behind it if it was going to meet the demands of the print publication marketplace. Cubicle 7 have rapidly established themselves as a highly-regarded company at the forefront of RPG publishing, so I had no hesitation in teaming up with them.”

About Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd

Cubicle 7 Entertainment is a British-based publisher and events company, specialising in the games industry. Founded in 2006, by Angus Abranson and Dominic McDowall-Thomas, the company has published role-playing games from a list of licensed and home-grown properties including Victoriana, Starblazer Adventure (based on DC Thomson’s 80’s Starblazer comic series), SLA Industries, Qin: The Warring States and the recent Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (licensed from the BBC). Cubicle 7 also works with a number of publishing partners helping bring their creations to print and into distribution. In June 2009 Cubicle 7 announced it had joined the Rebellion Group.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment:

About Radioactive Ape Designs

Radioactive Ape Designs was established in 2009 by Colin Chapman, a veteran RPG freelance writer and designer with credits in over forty publications for various RPG lines including All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Godlike, Hollow Earth Expedition, Iron Kingdoms, and Talislanta among others. Atomic Highway, the first R.A.D. RPG is a rules light post apocalyptic game using the V6 Engine game system. Support for the game is already underway and further RPGs using the V6 Engine are being developed.

Radioactive Ape Designs:


If you miss the initial limited run, look for the second run in June, folks. :)


Friday, 12 February 2010

Official Vehicle Distance Tracking Sheets!

Dave Graffam has been at it again! This time he's produced official Atomic Highway seven-zone vehicle distance tracking mats along with bonus miniature-scaled battlemats of the same roads, both gridded and ungridded! He'll be producing assorted vehicle tokens soon to make tracking vehicle distance in AH even cooler, as well as more miniatures and terrain pieces for the minis users among us.

This game accessory features a heavily-weathered stretch of highway divided into 7 zones, which is just what you need to keep track of vehicle positions during chases in this awesome RPG. Two overhead views are provided in this packet, giving you a choice of a "straight overhead" look or a slight angled "perspective" view.

As a bonus, you get a 28mm-30mm battle mat of this scene!

The battle mat measures 16" x 20", which you can easily assemble from 4 sheets of standard-sized pages. An optional 1" gridded version of this battle mat is included.

CONTENTS: 2 full-color vehicle distance tracker sheets, and 2 full-color battle mats (plain or gridded). Each file in this set is in high-quality 300dpi resolution.

Grab 'em cheap HERE!