Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It's done!

Well, after much toil, Atomic Highway goes to print next week, and will be available in stores as soon as it's printed and shipped! More news on that front as elements such as shipping dates become clearer.

In other Atomic Highway news, the .pdf will go up on sale on Drivethrurpg as soon as they set my account up, which should hopefully be any day now. The R.A.D. website already has the character and vehicle/mount sheets up for download, and the Atomic Highway Homebrewer's Guide pdf will soon be up for download too; not rules or regulations or anything, but rather a 2-page pdf explaining how to mechanically create and balance various elements of the game for your own use. :) This will be followed up in short order with a pdf of extra materials (a few more vehicles and weapons) as a freebie download as well.

I'll update the thread as new comes in. Stay tuned!


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